Emmi Travels, Part One – The Charles Hotel

This is a guest-blogpost from my seven-year-old daughter Emmi. Usually it’s me, who goes away for work and I very rarely get the chance to take her with me. This time however, it was Emmi, who got to travel, and I think it was really nice that she chose me as her personal photographer and took me with her. When Rocco Forte asked Emmi, if she would like to visit three of their hotels and write about her experience, we had to say yes!

So here’s Emmi ‘s review and the first part of her Rocco Forte journey.

“What I like best about travel is that you have time for each other. My Mama doesn’t have to work or clean the house, so we have a lot of time to speak and have fun together. And I like to go away because I learn about new things, and I get to meet new people.”

Part One: The Charles Hotel, Munich

Our first journey only took us a few stops on the underground train. Going on a holiday in our hometown was a different yet lovely experience. The Charles Hotel is an elegant, contemporary hotel, overlooking the Old Botanical Garden and conveniently located right next to a spacious playground.

The spirit of all Rocco Forte hotels is to welcome everybody as if you were a guest of the family, no matter how small or big you are. And it starts right at the check-in: every small visitor gets a special little set of stairs, in order to be able to fill out their Rocco Forte check-in papers and their Rocco Forte passport, including questions on what their favourite colour and animal is and at what time they’d like the bed to be turned down and their (giant) chocolate cookie with warm milk delivered to the room.

Emmi says: “My favourite was the breakfast with all the colourful pastry (editor’s note: Sophia’s restaurant offers delicious modern European cuisine and the “Detox Lunch”, popular among Munich business people), going to the spa with my own bathrobe (editor’s note: with the city’s longest indoor pool) and eating pasta in my room before going to bed.”

What I say:

Traveling with kids can be stressful, especially when you feel, that your child is not welcome. Each Rocco Forte hotel is different and has a character on its own, but there’s one thing which connects them all: the feeling that every guest is part of the Forte family.

Thank you, Rocco Forte for your hospitality and for making us feel very special!

Stay tuned for part two,

Emmi & Kristin


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