This is the last part of the “Emmi Travels” series with Rocco Forte.

Our last trip took us to Berlin, one of my favourite cities, I loved to take Emmi to our capital and do some sightseeing with her. With the hotel being located in the heart of the city, we could walk or take public transport to the main tourist attractions, including Checkpoint Charlie, the Berlin Wall, Brandenburger Tor and a cruise on the river. Also the hotel itself has a fascinating history. The building was created in 1889 and used to be the headquarters of the Dresdner bank. Some of the authentic traces of the past include a 15cm thick steel door leading to a treatment room in the basement and the pool is located in the former jewel vault. The grand ballroom used to be the old cashier’s hall and some of the suites used to be bank director offices.

View over the amazing rooftop terrace at the Hotel de Rome.

Emmi dancing at the “Opera Room” which used to be the cashier’s hall. The building was created between 1887 and 1889 by architect Ludwig Heim for the Dresdner Bank’s headquarters.

The contrasts of Berlin (Left: Beach close to Checkpoint Charlie, right: Bebelplatz, right outside the Hotel de Rome).
Emmi says: “The hotel was very elegant. I loved dancing in the opera room and learn how to mix cocktails at the bar. I really liked discovering Berlin, but I was very sad when I learned about the Wall, which divided the city. Mama and I bought a piece of the original wall, which will remind me of this trip.”

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