Two weeks ago, Emmi shared the first part of her travel series with Rocco Forte Hotels, to the Charles Hotel in Munich. Her second trip took her to Villa Kennedy in Frankfurt, and I had once again the pleasure and honour to be her travel companion.

The Villa Kennedy hotel, which used to be a grand family villa, was built in 1901, and even though it has been extensively renovated, it hasn’t lost its elegant and familiar charm. The hotel was renamed in honour of President John F Kennedy’s visit in 1963, a story which caught Emmi’s attention a lot.

She couldn’t stop asking questions and admiring the giant photographs of him, which are hung in the hotel lobby. Another thing that left Emmi and I both stunned, was the beautiful Villa Garden. After having checked in, we were basically to be found there almost all of the time – unless we were in the equally stunning state-of-the-art spa. But we also took a walk along the river and into the historic city centre (it only takes you half an hour from the hotel), the weather was just so beautiful and warm and everyone was outside and enjoyed summer.

Emmi says: “Villa Kennedy was my favourite hotel. I liked the photographs of President Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, she looks so pretty. My favourite thing was looking for little snails and jumping over the fountains in the garden and into the spa pool. And the big chocolate cookie with warm milk before bedtime. Thank you, Rocco Forte, for welcoming us to this beautiful place.”

In collaboration with Rocco Forte Hotels and PRCO

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