How To Get Flawless (Winter) Skin

Unfortunately, winter isn’t just about finding the perfect coat, or a chic pair of snow-proof boots, in my case it’s the time, when cold temperatures and dry air make my complexion go the lacklustre route. Being as my face is the first thing people see, I’d do anything to make it look radiant and bright; I also want the skin of my body to feel soft and plump but I honestly had no idea, what it is, that my dry winter-skin really needs. So, this year I decided to ask a specialist and made an appointment at the Dr. Duve Medical Spa in Munich, to have my skin analysed. The analysis basically works like a close-up photography of your skin, on a macro level and it analyses the following things: dark spots, depth of wrinkles, UV damage, redness, evenness, pore size, impurities. Let me say first of all: I was shocked, how my juvenile sun-sins have taken their toll – lesson number one learned: work high SPF into my daily skin routine!

Read all about my skin analysis and how to get flawless skin, by following these simple steps.


Hydrated skin is beautiful skin. As simple as it may sound, but the first thing you need to work into your skin routine: drinking water – and loads of it! Unsweetened tea is also good, but avoid sweet drinks, coffee and alcohol at any cost. Dehydrated skin can make your skin treatment painful, impurities are harder to get rid of and the skin tends to look grey and wrinkly.


Consistency is key, when it comes to skincare. It might suck, having to do more work on your skin, when you had a long day at work, or a late night out, but it really does pay off. My Dr. Duve skin analysis showed that cleansing my skin twice a day, by using a face brush, have kept my complexion even and the amount of impurities low. Only clean skin can absorb beauty products, so the beautician recommended to use a refining exfoliant twice to three times a week to prevent skin from looking flaky and lifeless. Physical scrubs help remove dead skin and unclog pores. Chemical peels make your skin look shining and bright.

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Always make sure to take extra care of your under-eye area! The skin under the eyes ages first, because it is so thin. My analysis showed that my under-eye area needed hydration, so the beautician advised me to use a rich cream with retinol, an ingredient which keeps dryness at bay and helps reduce fine lines. However, retinol shouldn’t be used when going into the sun, so it’s best to use it at night and go for a rich hydrating option through the day. I’ve been using the Dr. Duve Boosting Eye Cream for two months now and the results are amazing!

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Looking after your skin isn’t just a day job. Skin naturally repairs itself at night, so make sure to incorporate an antioxidant-rich product into your bedtime routine. Layer on serum in the morning, before applying day-cream and chose a face oil with effective active ingredients at night. I swear by the Dr. Duve Oil with vitamin A, C and E, wheatgerm oil, stem cells and hyaluronic acid! Tiredness and lack of sleep are the story of my life, but since using the Glowskin Active Vitamin C oil at night, at least my skin looks like it had 8 hours of sleep.

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I’ve been a sun worshipper for all of my life. But as mentioned above, don’t underestimate the damage sun can do to your skin! And I hope it goes without saying, that sun beds are to be avoided (not only because looking like the president of the U.S. is totally out of fashion). The best anti-aging recipe is a good, clean daily sunscreen that protects without any shady chemicals. Look for products with extracts which provide your skin with moisture. I love how the Dr. Duve Daily Sunscreen SPF 50 sinks in quickly and leaves my skin feeling silky and smooth.

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Photo Credit: Alexandra Seifert

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