Female Power has always been something, which is close to my heart. Women have come a long way with regard to equal rights, but there’s still such a long way to go. To me, the most important thing is to support each other, empower each other. I love working with creative women, who are brave enough to speak their mind and have a big heart at the same time. Only together we are strong and there’s so much we can gain from powerful relationships with other females and brave men, who continue to support the female movement. Let’s be bold, let’s be brave, let’s all be feminists!

Happy International Women’s Day from the streets of Munich, from my power girl Anabell and I!

Anabell Is Wearing:
Gauchère Suit
Acne Slippers
Sophie Hulme Crossbodybag
Jewelry my·eliza
Kristin Is Wearing:
Paule Ka Strecht-Cotton Poplin Dress
Isabel Marant Slippers
Sophie Hulme Crossbodybag
Jewelry my·eliza
Sunglasses Asos


Hair&Photography: Markus Loboda
Makeup: Claudia Hesse
Artdirection: Kristin Hesse
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