If you are already starting to plan your early 2018 travels to escape the cold and are dreaming of relaxing on a beach, but are also putting your limited vacation days toward an active adventure, continue reading. After having spent a few days shopping and sightseeing in Rome with my girlfriends, I needed a more relaxing destination, which offered some wellness, sports and detox. As much as I love my old home town Rome, the bars, the piazzas, the nightlife – I yearned for some withdrawal from the noise, the pollution and the sensory overload. I found the perfect getaway: the Pine Cliffs Resort in Southern Portugal.

It’s all in the name: the Pine Cliffs Resort is surrounded by beautifully landscaped pine tree gardens and perched on top the Algarve’s iconic red sandstone cliffs, overlooks the sparkling Atlantic Ocean. That alone would have done the job for me, but the Pine Cliffs Resort team had prepared an overwhelming experience and I can hand on heart say: I have never felt more relaxed, than after a few days of having lived the Pine Cliffs Lifestyle! Here are a few of my highlights, besides the fantastic wining and dining, I enjoyed during my stay.


The iconic red cliffs at the Pine Cliff Resort beach. To me the Algarve is a perfect getaway for every season – whether it be sporting activities, culture, renowned gastronomy or simply leisure – it will leave you with a collection of unforgettable memories to treasure for years to come.


Nature’s Star Cinema.

It doesn’t get more romantic than that: On top of the cliffs, there’s a terrace with sunbeds; on the first night of my stay I snuggled up underneath a blanket, listened to the sound of the crashing waves and watched the beauty of the night sky.

I stayed at the Pine Cliffs Ocean Suites & Spa, a new addition to the Pine Cliffs Resort. Alongside the refined suites, the resort offers a range of distinctive amenities, including the Serenity Spa (the biggest Algarve Spa) and outdoor pool areas.


Digital Detox.

On day two of my stay, I was asked to put my phone into a little sleeping bag. Disconnecting entirely from having to be reachable and connected to the outside world all of the time, and the feeling of having to constantly share and engage with everybody, is key when trying to detox from everyday stress. I used my phone-free time for a Pilates class in the cool shadow of the pine trees.


The Serenity Spa.

The Pine Cliffs Resort Serenity spa was one of my favourite experiences. After a full body scrub, I got covered in Carob syrup and wrapped like a big fat piece of cake, followed by a full body massage. I never wanted to shower off that delicious smell, it was so yummy! The Serenity Spa however offers treatments for every taste, you can choose from a variety of massages, facial and body treatments, mani & pedicure, male grooming, several signature treatments and packages. The Pine Cliff Resort also offers wellbeing programs such as “The Digital Detox”, “Yoga and the Harmonization of the Chakras”, “Fitness Journey”, “Self-Healing” and “Awakening of Senses”.



Loulé Market.

As much as I loved my morning runs, the yoga, the pilates, the wellness and reconnecting with myself – a little shopping had to be on the list! Loulé market is a charming place, which is perfect to get in touch with the local culture. I loved strolling through the market and the cute little streets, covered by white sheets, which created a gorgeous shadow and light game.


The Mirador Champagne Bar.

One of the most amazing locations to enjoy an aperitif. I mean, just look at the view, words cannot describe, how magical this place really is! My favourite was the Champagne-bottle-tree. And if you told me that Champagne grows on trees at the Pine Cliffs Resort, I’d actually believe it.


“Le Chemin”.

For me a great travel destination also has to have the right smell. When I walked into the Pine Cliffs Resort Lobby, I instantly fell in love with the amazing fresh scent. Later on I learned, that the Pine Cliffs Resort has got its own exclusive signature fragrance, in collaboration with one of my favourite perfume designers – Byredo! “Le Chemin”will always remind me of my fabulous stay in Portugal and the wonderful time I had there. And when I run out of it, I’ll have the perfect excuse to come back for more!

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