Touch and go! The morning after I got back from Berlin with Emmi, I left for a trip destined to wellness and relax: the Terme di Saturnia Resort in Tuscany. I love traveling on my own, but sometimes it’s much more fun sharing the experience with others. I loved getting to know new “colleagues” and being reunited with Anna from “Little Fashion Fox”, whom I met two years ago on a blogger trip to Morocco, so we had a lot of catching up to do during our welcome dinner. We also learned about this magical place and its history: A Roman legend says that the Terme die Saturnia were created by lightning bolts, thrown by Jupiter to split the earth and spew calming water on men, who were always fighting against each other. Jupiter would be happy to know, that some 3000 years later, people are still coming to this magical place, to benefit from the calming and healing properties of the water. The Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort is fed by this water, which travels on an approximately forty-year journey, filtered drop by drop by cavernous limestone and surfaces in the large thermal pool at the centre of the resort at a constant temperature of 37.5°C.

On our first evening, we went for a midnight swim under the stars, to try out the water’s natural exfoliating, anti-oxidising and relaxing effect. We all slept like babies that night!

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The next morning we got up super early, in order to make the most out of that magical morning light, hitting the steam rising from the 37.5 hot water. Anna, Maren, Julia and I met at 6 o’ clock to shoot some photos by the pool. I really love how every blogger has their individual style of capturing a place and telling their individual visual story. Make sure to catch up with their photos of Terme di Saturnia.

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There’s lots of enchanting little villages around Terme di Saturnia, that are worth visiting: Manciano, Montemerano and the old village of Saturnia, to only mention a few. We decided to visit Pitigliano, an old Roman town, placed on top of a mountain. If you decide to visit Pitigliano, the best place to start is the church, the Santuario della Madonna delle Grazie, offering a breath-taking view. From there you can visit the defensive fortifications, the Medici aqueduct, the Palazzo Orsini, the Cathedral, the Chiesa di San Rocco and the “Capisotto” quarter: the Jewish quarter and the Synagogue.

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It rained during our visit in Pitigliano and I think that it added to its dreamy character. I loved strolling through those small and empty side-streets, so narrow, it felt as if you could touch both sides with outstretched arms.

I love Italian food and the Terme di Saturnia kitchen didn’t let me down! Anna and I agreed, that during our stay, we had what was maybe the best tagliatelle al tartufo in our lives! Sitting on the terrace right next to the pool and have breakfast, was an absolute highlight and we could feel the soothing and healing effect, that this place had on us. I wish we could have stayed longer!

Arrivederci Terme di Saturnia, hopefully a presto!

In collaboration with Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort and PRCO

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