Have you ever heard that the shape of your eyebrows can make you look older? The truth is, it can. Eyebrows change the entire look of your face and if you’re still rocking those ‘90s barely-there arches, you definitely should go for a change. Cara Delevigne, the godmother of the full, shaped to perfection brow, brought back that natural, modern look, everybody wants. The key to a strong eyebrow-game is knowing the right tools and how to use them. If you have been over-plucking your eyebrows, or don’t know what shape suits your face best, I advise you to find a good brow bar. If you’re from Munich or Berlin, I can really recommend The Browery.

Here are my home brow-grooming Do’s and Don’ts:

Choose The Right Pencil Shade

Finding the right eyebrow pencil shade is key to a natural look. Too-dark shades not only make your eyebrows look a lot bolder than intended, they will also make you look older. If the shade is too light, it will have no effect at all. The safest option is a pencil one to two shades darker than the colour of your hair.

Go For a Moderate Arch

High arches are outdated, go for a straight shape, unless you want to look like you’ve stepped out of the ‘90s. If you want to avoid looking like you’re angry or had (too much) Botox, you shouldn’t start too close to the centre of the brow. Find your natural arch by lining up a tool with a straight edge from the bridge of your nose to your pupil.

Don’t Over-Pluck Your Brows

Over-plucking your brows will lead to ugly gaps, thin edges and arches that are too far apart. Put the tweezers away for at least 4-6 weeks, then see a brow specialist, who will give your eyebrows the right shape. Use a growth serum to enhance natural growth.

Don’t Use Old Tweezers

After a while, the edges of your tweezers become uneven and unable to grab onto hairs properly. To avoid yanking, get a sharp new pair.

Find The Right Brush

Use a spool-shaped eyebrow brush to comb and tame. Other types don’t have the proper bristles for shaping.

Set Your Brows With Gel

You may think that once you brush out your brows, you’re done dealing with them for the day. However, not using gel can nullify your hard work, resulting in curled ends and untamed hair.

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